About Us

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Vision & Mission

We Care, the impact brought from our work, to our nature, living things, and people around.

We Believe, design is the key of sustainable future, doing good things, it will come back to us and we will see the harvest.

We Co-create, connecting with designers and brands, sharing ideas and building value blocks.

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Our development can be marked by a few milestones:

  •  1991, Starting our Global Sourcing office, servicing our Swiss Clients.

  •  1993, Consulting Hong Kong factory transforming production in China.

  •  1997, Setting a product development team and QC team in China.

  •  2003, Building a production unit at Zhong Shan City, performing eco production.

  •  2021, Registered a self-owned Brand, AMMA, to promote green wardrobe culture.

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From sourcing to production, we work with a eco-friendly supply chain, to a scalable platform, selective items are complying with Global standard certifications, plus the key design elements, attributes are made to eliminate the impacts brought from our industry.

Our Valuable Clients